So close yet so far.. tan cerca pero tan lejos..

And I beseech Thee, O Allah, through Thy Glory, with which Thou addressed Thy slave and Thy Messenger, Moses son of 'Imran peace be on him, while he was in the company of angels - which address even the favourite cherubin could not ever hear, above the clouds of light, above the box of evidence, with in the pillar of fire on Mount Sinai, and on Mount Hurith in the Holy Vale in the sacred tract of land to the right of Taurus Mountain-through a tree; and again addressed him on the soil of Egypt, after showing nine clear signs and on the day Thou split the sea for the Children of Israel, and caused springs to flow from a stone, thereby displaying wonders of Thy might in a deep sea; and on the day when Thou solidified the water of the sea in the midst of the storm, and caused the Children of Israel to pass by it, and fulfilled Thy excellent promises made to them because of their calmly endurance, and made them the master of the East and the West in the earth, wherein there are blessings for all the worlds; and Thou drowned Pharaoh and his armies and boats in the water.

Today is friday, and on the evening of every friday it´s very desirable to read Dua´e Samaat, who means in arabic/persian Prayer of the sky. And I took this part above to show that we muslims and our religion don´t hate other religion, on contrary. In Islam we love and respect other prophets, because not just Muhammad (pbuh) is important for us. In this prayer mentioned Moses (pbuh), and the children of Israel. And we read it on this day and on the same time jews have their Shabbat. From friday evenig to saturday night. It means that we are so near each others when it comes to our religions, but when it comes to the politic, there is the big problem.
I hope that every muslim and jew who really love god and know what word "human" means before and after anything and any religion exist.
We are humans before we are muslims, jews, christians or anything else..

Peace be upon you god that did my eyes and soul open with love and peace and not with hatred and anger <3 
 Hoda <3 

Paradiset på jorden..

Folk från olika kulturer och har olika religioner, brukar säga att regn och allt som kommer ner från himlen är säkert något god. För att gud ger inte oss något dåligt, så länge vi inte förtjänar det. 
Men ibland när man känner snäv i bröstet, och vill verkligen lossa ur sig, man vill gråta för att få bort det ut ur sig, man vill gråta men finner inga tårar. 
Då kan regndropparna vara dessa tårar, som kylar elden vi har i hjärtat. Den underbara blåa färgen ser ut som själva paradiset för de som inte har ett paradispå jorden.
Om man har ett enda hjärta som man älskar och får kärleken tillbaks så förvandlas vår värld till paradis...
Ha en underbar helg kära läsare <3  
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