"Could It Be You"

Close my eyes 
I try to hide 
I'm listening to my voice inside 
What's on to tell me right or wrong 
I need to know where I belong 
For all the days I ran away 
I never dare to ask me who could I be 
Who can bring back the love that's inside me 

Could it be you 
Or do I lose my way 
I'm here but colorblind 
Could It be you 
Or do I break away 
So leave the past behind 
I only wanna feel the sunlight stop the fight and see it in your eyes 
Wish I just knew what I should do 
Could it be you 
Somebody tell me if it's true I don't have a clue 
Could it be you 

Too many things said and done 
Sure if you could be the one 
To dry the tears I left behind 
To chase these demons off my mind 

I see your face 
Touch your skin 
Is this a fight 
We both can't win 
Sometimes the truth is miles apart 
But it's hard to break your heart 
Maybe it is me 
Used to plan to see that it's you 
For everything I am everything I need lies in you