No one was like you

No one was like you
your voice,
is the wake of grove,
is the singing of the green leaves
your voice,
is full of temptation like the night time singing of hailstones
your voice, is the rhythm of breaking down,
and the spite of a bunch of unsaid words
its an explicit image of singing light and snow
no one was like you
no one believed me, like you did
no one travelled with me, like you did, to the depth of the tunnels of my nights
no one was like you
simple, like the virgin scent of the flowers
or the adolescene of a voice
in the middle of the concerns of stress
you are confident, like a mountain
you are kind like the rain
like the water,
far far way, like an island
frightened of sleeping, like a sea,
no one left, like you did,
no one stayed like you did,
no one sang the poems of my lonlliness like you did,
all my words are yours,
all my poems are yours,
my whole life is my poems,
my whole life is yours...
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